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Troop 580 Boat Race

There is no set time or place for this event at this time. If you are still interested, please contact Mr. Bello as soon as possible with your comments. Thank you.

Troop 580 will be holding a make-it-yourself boat race. This race will include boats that will be fully constructed by the scouts. Each team of two will meet on their own and design their own boat. The boat will be fully constructed by the scouts. They are to get all of the materials for the boat by themselves.

The rules for this race are as follows.

1. The raft must be made from scratch and not include any normal flotation device.
  • rubber rafts
  • boat oars
  • inflatable boats of any kind

    2. The boats must be able to withstand the weight of two scouts who must be completely out of the water at all times.

    3. The materials that can be used are:
  • wood
  • tape
  • glue
  • string
  • cardboard
  • anything that will help your boat float without counteracting rule number one.

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