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Effective 9/4/00

SEPTEMBER Theme-Desert Survival
8 Fri Meeting (7:30PM Sharp!)
12 Tue Round Table (Leaders)
15 Fri Meeting
22 Fri Meeting (Auditorium)
22 Fri (3- 9PM) Blood Drive- K of C
23 Sat- 24 Sun Bellmore Street Fair
29 Fri- 1 Sun Camping Trip to Lido Beach

OCTOBER Theme-Nature
1 Sun (2:30PM) Boy Scout Convocation- Religious Awards (St. Agnas Cathedral)
6 Fri Meeting
10 Tue Round Table (Leaders)
13 Fri Meeting- Court of Honor
20 Fri Meeting
27 Fri- 29 Sun Camping at Heckscher State Park- Scout Jamboree

NOVEMBER Theme-Business
3 Fri Meeting
10 Fri Meeting (location to be announced)
14 Tue Round Table (Leaders)
17 Fri- 19 Sun Camping Trip
24 Fri No Meeting (Happy Thanksgiving!)

DECEMBER Theme-First Aid
1 Fri Meeting
3 Sun (12:30- 4PM) Training Session for Blue Nose Camping
8 Fri Meeting
9 Sat. Day Hike at Jockey Hollow, N.J
15 Fri Meeting
22 Fri No Meeting (Merry Christmas!)
29 Fri (7:30PM) Eagle Court of Honor for Mike G.