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Troop 580 Newsletter

Eagle Court of Honor

Michael's Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for Friday, December 29th, in the Holy Family Chapel of St. Barnabas Church, Bellmore. More information will be provided as the time draws near.

Lido Beach Camping Trip
by: SPL Christopher

This month, we devoted a lot of time developing the patrol method in Troop 580. During the month, each patrol was given assignments that would have something to do with the beach camping trip. So, on Friday night, September 29th, the scouts embarked on a journey to Lido Beach for the weekend.

After arriving in the dark, we promptly began setting up camp. Keeping to patrol method, we set up tents by patrol in an orderly fashion. After a smooth set up, some scouts went to sleep while Mr. Bello, Kevin, Brian and myself went on a hike along the beach. It was low tide and we were all surprised at how far the water receded and the tidal pools that were left behind from high tide. The tidal pools were very close to the dunes. On the hike we picked up shells and a few hermit crab carcasses. We returned to camp at 1:30 am with a very exhausted Brian!

The next day started early as I woke the scouts at 5:45 am. After moans and groans, we shuffled together at 6:00 and cooking breakfast commenced. The scouts worked hard making all meals keeping in mind that this would be a cook-off competition. At 8:00 we started a hike on the beach. On the hike, each patrol demonstrated their knowledge of the assignments they were given during the month. Patrols identified shells, birds and clouds. At the end of the hike, Hunter Patrol ran to claim Point Lookout!

When we arrived back a camp, the scouts quickly returned to the beach with shovels in hand to build their capture- the- flag forts. At noontime, the scouts headed back to camp for lunch and then returned to the beach for the finishing touches to their forts. Dinner was started a about 5:50 pm. This trip was a lesson in cooking for the scouts. It taught them whatnot to bring and what to remember to bring on our NEXT trip. After dinner, the scouts fell in and the winner of the cook-off was announced. First place was won by the Piranha Patrol headed by PL Nick. They received 200 uniform points and one yellow activity bead. In second place, Dragon Patrol, headed by APL Mike, won a prize of 100 uniform points. Hunter Patrol came in third place headed by PL Robert C. Their prize was 50 uniform points. Up next was quick Morse code demo, and then the scouts headed down to the beach to play Capture the Flag. The night ended with a small fire in the 55-gallon drum and some hot chocolate. Early the next morning at 5:45 am, the scouts awoke to break down camp and head home.

Overall, the trip was another success for Troop 580.