Important Information

Fundraising Attire

For ALL fundraising events conducted by the Troop, all scouts and leaders are only permitted to wear the class B uniform (red Troop 580 tee shirt and Boy Scout cap). This is a directive directly from Boy Scout Council. The Class A (tan shirt) is not to be worn at all for fundraising - not even over the Class B red tee shirt. The only exception to this, per Boy Scout Council, is that the Class A shirt (tan shirt) can be worn if the scout is selling the official Boy Scout Trails End pop corn. If anyone has any questions concerning this, they can be directed to Mr. Gillen.

Boards of Review

The Boy Scout Board of Review is the last step a scout takes before earning the next rank. It involves coordinating a meeting between the scout and 3 members of the Troop Committee. In order to assure that it is done in time for the Court of Honor (we all have busy schedules), a scout must request this Board of Review of the Troop Committee Chairman - Mr. Gillen - at least 10 days before the Court of Honor. The next Court of Honor is tentatively scheduled to be held in February. As the time draws near, the scouts will be given the exact date so you can mark your calendars and plan ahead.

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